About Iten

Iten Established in 1987 as a personal company in the field of renewable energy consulting & Research also in extraction of under ground water using the wind energy
then the company reached to the design of the wind energy pump Sharaf-1 for the extraction of deep water patent number 19773 date, 17/4/1989
our researches continued till 1997 when we reached to a new technology to improve the water properties using the electrostatic field
then we designed the device E.W.N-Sharaf 3 Electrostatic Water Neutralizer, Patent Number 20702 date 3/9/1997

Iten developed into an industrial company in 2002 while its factory in El Obour city started in 2004 with a factory area of 3000M to produce iten's devices for the electrostatic treatment along with the wind energy equipments

from 2004-2005 we have reached a new application for the E.W.N-Sharaf3 device in the domestic and industrial fields

during our researches we have reached a new technology to improve the combustion of petroleum fuel using the electric field patent number 23034 date 26/4/2000 under the name of Electronic Fuel Burning Enhancer
( E.F.B.E )

In the year of 2007 the research department achieved the success in designing a device to produce the anti oxidant water then an agreement had been made with the Medicen School in Mansura University to try it out on the kidney dialysis device and to make use of the Acidic and alkaline water in medical use

In 2008 the center of Kidney disease announced the initial success of the Alkaline water experiments on animals and launched the start of the experiments on Humans
The Device E.W.N Sharaf 3 has been successfuly used in many applications as a new technology specialy the agricultural field and the sales numbers in the first half of 2008 exceeded the double of the sales in 2006 , and all of that back to the policy that the company has used to concentrate its marketing in the areas of scientific or academic interest such as Research Center of Fruits and Vegetables - the Army - The agricultural Faculties - the Experimental Farms of the Universities

The head of the research department General.Eng.Abdel Hamid Sharaf is The founder of Iten Industries, Masters Degree in Electronic Engineering 1965, holds the Medal of Science first class, as well as the Medal of the Republic 2nd class for his services during his scientific life in the armed forces.he was nominated by the scientific research Academy of Egypt for more than one prize as well as the Ministry of Irrigation nominated him for a UNESCO prize also his name was registered in who is who historical society 2003

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