E.W.N for water treatment

It's the latest scientific solution for elimination salt problems
1. E.W.N sharaf-3 device is composed of A multi – wave radio pulse generator and special conductor and P.V.C pipe .
2. When E.w.n is switched on an e

  Electric Fuel Burning Enhancer

The petrol prices as well as demands are in a continues increase Which forms also continues bounden to consumer .
Our technology is based on subjecting the fuel going to be burned to a special electric field which creates a better molecular conditions that help in approaching complete

  Alkaline water production device

The urology and nephrology center at Mansoura declared at Gada scientific conference 18/2/2008 that experiments of alkaline water in dialysis yielded good result on animals and declaring begining the human experiments in the very near future for both drinking and dialysis.

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